Meaningful Use F.A.Q.


1. What is a certified EHR?

A certified electronic health record is a product that offers the necessary technological capability, functionality, and security to help meet the meaningful use criteria established for a given phase. Providers and patients must also be confident that the certified electronic health IT products and systems they use are secure, can maintain data confidentially, and can work with other systems to share information. Confidence in health IT systems is an important part of advancing health IT system adoption and allowing for the realization of the benefits of improved patient care.

2. What is Meaningful Use?

Meaningful Use is a term used to identify the providers that meet the criteria to be part of the incentive program. To qualify as a Meaningful User, the providers must use a certified EHR as the primary record of care for the patient, report certain clinical quality measures to CMS, and provide certain attestation regarding their use.

3. What are deadlines that have been set forth by the Federal government?

The deadlines for medicare incentives start in 2011 until 2015 with a reduction on the incentives each year. On 2016 and subsequent years there will be no incentives and a penalty to the Medicare reimbursement total will be placed in effect in the occasion that the provider do not become a Meaningful User.

4. I have heard that there are incentives available for acquiring an  E.H.R.   What are the available incentives for priority primary care providers and their deadlines  for acquiring and E.H.R. ?

The incentive for acquiring an E.H.R. is applicable on the first year the provider become a Meningul User and opts for the Medicaid incentives.

5. Which are the current incentives?

For the incentives they will depend on the period the provider demonstrates being a Meaningful User. The following is a table of the available reimbursement for the year of adoption.

6. What is the criteria to meet meaningful use?

Elegible providers must meet aseries of objectives divided in different stages. At the moment stage 1 is the focus of the current proposed rule. Stage 1 criteria will be in effect for reporting year 2011. CMS anticipates that stage 2 will be implemented for reporting year 2013, and stage 3 will be implemented for reporting year 2015.


7. Who is qualified to receive incentive payments for acquiring E.H.R. and becoming a meaningful user?

For the incentives, qualifies any Medicare Elegible Professional. A Medicare EP is a doctor of medicine or osteopathy, a doctor of dental surgery or dental medicine, a doctor of podiatric medicine, a doctor of optometry, or a chiropractor, who is legally authorized to practice under state law.

For Medicaid the Elegible Professionals are physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and physician assistants practicing predominantly in a Federally Qualified Health Center or Rural Health Clinic (FQHC/RHC) that is directed by a physician assistant.

8. How will the PSM-HITREC assist me in acquiring an E.H.R. and becoming a meaningful user of an E.H.R.?

The PSM-HITREC will offer a series of E.H.R. products for the provider to select and help them deploy and implement that system. Once implemented there will be a series of follow ups and education of the best practices to become a Meaningful User.

9. How do I acquire this help?

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