Electronic Health Record Vendors

The fundamental building block in this entire project is Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs).  It is EHRs that the Ponce School of Medicine Health Information Exchange Regional Extension Center is assisting Providers to adopt and become meaningful users.  We understand the market is replete with offers and that there are many EHR vendors that may be knocking on your door asking for your business.

At the Ponce School of Medicine HITREC, part of the mission that we have been charged with is provide the best of today’s EHRs market. Below we explain the process that we have employed through MAXIMUS, a consulting company which is unrelated to any EHRs vendors, to fairly and thoroughly provide a vetting process that would allow us the certitude of providing the best possible products at the best possible prices.

Therefore, in May, 2010, the PSM HITREC through MAXIMUS began the Vendor Selection Process by requesting expressions of interest from firms having the capability to provide ONC-certified Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs) in a wide variety of ambulatory clinical settings located in Puerto Rico and in the US Virgin Islands. Below is a short synopsis of that process.

Vendor's List 2011 Certified

Vendor's List 2014 Certified

Vendor Selection Process Synopsis

The selection process employed by the PSM REC was designed to be (1) completely transparent, (2) fair to the vendors, (3) inclusive of all stakeholders, (4) protective of Provider interests, and (5) partial to identifying quality EHR solutions.   The process was launched in May 2010 and reopened in October 2010.  At that time we considered additional applicants. This same process will be repeated every several months, indefinitely.

Three sets of criteria were applied, corresponding to the three stages of the assessment.  The attached document details these criteria and the process itself.  In Stage 1, screening criteria were applied to ensure that the applicant vendor met at least a minimum set of standards.  In Stage 2, the criteria were made more specific around the EHR solution being offered and focused on the technical and operational attributes of the EHRs.  Finally, in Stage 3, standard terms and conditions and favorable pricing were negotiated to be included in each of the vendors’ standard Provider contracts.  These items were locked in place through overall agreements between each participating vendors and the REC.

Special items of importance that were considered included the vendor’s ability to support a Spanish language implementation, a vendor’s presence in the Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands markets,  and the vendor’s willingness to work in partnership with the REC in achieving Meaningful Use among the Primary Care Providers in the region.

For a longer and more detailed explanation of the Vendor Selection Process, please click on the PDF link below.   In addition to providing a more in depth explanation, you will find a chart of the current approved vendors and their corresponding products.

Vendor Selection Process

Electronic Health Record Product Presentations:

Of the EHRs approved and offered through the Ponce School of Medicine HITREC, we will be offering online demonstrations as each of the vendors make their product demonstration available.  Please click on the links below to peruse the available EHRs vendor demonstrations.


McKesson's Practice Partner

NCG Medical

CureMD (Part 1 - Part 2a - Part 2b)


Ongoing Selection Process

For EHRs firms that continue to pursue ONC certification and become eligible to be an EHRS provider through the Regional Extension Center Documents, please continue to check in with this section of the Website, as the selection process will be ongoing and we will provide updated Requests for Information in the near future.


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