The Ponce School of Medicine Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center exists to support health care providers in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands with direct, individualized, and on-site technical assistance as you adopt and implement an electronic health record (EHR) and then become a meaningful user of health information technology (health IT).

Among other important information that we believe you will find helpful is that which pertains to the generous incentive payments provided through the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare when take the first steps towards adopting an EHR.  Currently, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services has made incentive payments available to physicians throughout various stages of adoption and attainment of meaningful use.  This is one of the many advantages you have for becoming involved early.  There is more information about the incentive payments and how to obtain them in the CMS Incentives section of our website.

Services for Physicians and their Practices.

What are the services provided to a physician who joins the PSM HITREC?

The PSM HITREC provides the following benefits and technical assistance services to physicians who sign up to be participants.  We will provide:

  • Technical assistance, guidance, and information to support and accelerate health care providers’ efforts in becoming meaningful users of Electronic Health Records (EHRs).
  • An evaluation of your practice’s workflow and office needs.
  • Assistance with selecting a certified EHR product that offers best value for your needs.
  • Assistance necessary for achieving effective implementation of a certified EHR product.

How will these services benefit me as a physician?

  • Becoming a better physician by providing better quality care.
  • Enhancing clinical and administrative workflows to optimally leverage an EHR system’s potential to improve quality and value of care, including patient experience as well as outcome of care.
  • Taking advantage of the incentive payments from CMS in order to help finance your practice’s adoption and implementation and meaningful use of transition
  • Observing and complying with applicable legal, regulatory, professional, and ethical requirements to protect the integrity, privacy, and security of patients’ health information.

How do I join the PSM HITREC in order to take advantage of this opportunity?

In order to join the PSM HITREC, you are invited to provide the PSM HITREC Team with the information requested in the Provider Enrollment Form. When you fill out and submit your form, a staff member of the PSM HITREC will contact you within a week.

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